Comparison between hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization machine & traditional decarbonization method

Automobile hydrogen oxygen decarbonizer is an extension of water welder equipment, which is mainly used to remove carbon deposits in the combustion chamber of the engine. In the past, the way to remove coke deposits was mainly through the use of highly corrosive cleaning agents after disassembling the engine. The automobile hydrogen-oxygen carbon removal machine does not need to disassemble the engine, so it is easier and faster to clean the carbon deposits. The automobile hydrogen-oxygen decarbonization machine mainly uses the electrolysis of water to generate hydrogen-oxygen mixture (Brown gas) through the intake pipe to advance the engine combustion chamber, and use the high temperature generated by the combustion of hydrogen in the combustion chamber to remove the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. This method subverts the traditional decarbonization mode, it saves the time of car maintenance, reduces the cost and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Automobile hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizers are gradually replacing traditional decarbonization methods.

The automobile hydrogen-oxygen decarbonizer extracts hydrogen and oxygen atoms from the water by electrolysis to form a hydrogen-oxygen mixed gas flow, which is fed into the engine combustion chamber through the engine intake manifold. After the Brown gas fills the engine combustion chamber, it is ignited and ignited. Principle (active atoms such as O, H, and OH can be generated during high-temperature combustion, on the one hand, it can promote the high-temperature cracking of the medium and long hydrocarbon chains in gasoline, and speed up the oxidation reaction), oxygen-enriched combustion principle (wax in gasoline Impurities such as colloids and colloids are also composed of long hydrocarbon chains or ultra-long hydrocarbon chains. Active atoms such as O, H, and OH can also accelerate their cracking and eventually remove carbon deposits), the principle of water-hydrogen cycle and other Brown gas characteristics. The carbon deposits on the engine are completely and thoroughly removed to restore the power of the vehicle without causing any damage to the engine, avoiding the lack of traditional chemical decarbonizers, and it is a qualitative leap in the field of vehicle maintenance.

After using the car’s hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizer, the coke deposits are effectively cleaned up, the exhaust emissions are greatly reduced, the engine power is restored, and the car’s fuel consumption is reduced. Compared with traditional carbon removal methods:

 Hydrogen oxygen machine suction typeTraditional disassembled engineManifold suction cleaning liquid typeWater-based foam removable
Carbon removal time20minsAbout 2-4 hours40mins40mins
Environmental protectionComplete combustion, non-toxic & harmlessSoot particles, Difficult to dispose of waste liquidToxic and harmful exhaustDifficult to dispose of waste liquid
Pros and consJust run the engine at idle speedIt takes a long time, destroys the original factory assembly, and is intuitive to cleanThe engine is idling, and the medicine is inhaled continuouslyThe application process is cumbersome and the carbon removal is  incomplete
CostDecarbonization costDisassembling the working hours of the engine, oil, oil filter, antifreezeCarbon removal fee, oil, oil filterCarbon removal fee, oil, oil filter

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