Four car key systems maintenance

Car maintenance and car repair are closely related. We must handle the relationship between the two. Insist on “revising and safeguarding security” and “repairing and preserving our security.” This is the reason that the “three-point repairing seven-point caring” said. According to the current situation, car maintenance is divided into the following four systems:

(1) the deepening of lubrication system maintenance:

Lubrication system is the main role of the various components of the car engine for effective lubrication, to prevent excessive wear and tear. Under normal circumstances, the car need cleaning and maintenance time after 5000km running, when large engine noise, weak acceleration, or the high water temperature occurs, the car need cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning sludge and other deposits inside the engine to prevent oil oxidation thickening under high temperature, reduce wear and tear on engine parts, extend engine life and improve engine power.

(2) Fuel system cleaning and maintenance

Under normal circumstances, the car needs to be cleaned and serviced once every km-km, or when you find that the engine is shaking, sluggish and poorly accelerated, smoky, weak and fueled. Clear the system of plastic and carbon deposition, to eliminate poor start, shaking, detonation, improve combustion efficiency, reduce emissions and save fuel.

(3) cooling system cleaning and maintenance

Under normal circumstances, the car should be cleaned and maintained once during the winter and summer seasons, every six months to eight months during normal operation and maintenance once, or when the water temperature is too high, water leakage, cleaning and maintenance time. Remove traces and scale that lead to overheating of the engine, prevent unwanted corrosion, prevent and stop leakage from seals and tanks, and replace old coolant thoroughly.

(4) transmission cleaning and maintenance (automatic gearbox)

Under normal circumstances, the car every km-km cleaning and maintenance of time, or when the gearbox skidding, high water temperature, slow shift, the system leakage cleaning and maintenance time. Remove harmful sludge and paint deposits, restore gasket and o-ring elasticity, smooth gearbox shifts, increase power output and completely replace old automatic transmission fluid.

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