HHO carbon cleaner for Engine parts

HHO carbon cleaner for Engine parts decarbonizing treatment/decarbonizer/decarbonization machine

Explanation of Current Situation:
After running 1-2 years (about20000 kilometers), the automobile engine will have performance degradation in different levels:
Economic performance degradation, fuel consumption increase
Short of power, fast acceleration not free
Start not smooth, especially in cold start
Excessive exhaust emission
Noise increase
The engine oil turns black fast or even slightly burned
What is the Harmful of Carbon Deposition?

  1. Lower the engine performance
  2. Large oil consumption
  3. Emission exceed the standard
  4. Low speed and big noise
  5. Combustion chamber detonation
  6. Cause damage of pistonard crankshaft
  7. Engine shake
  8. Drive weakness

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