HHO carbon cleaner machine incredible effect

I am Chris, I am a car enthusiast.

Last month I had tried an Engine carbon cleaning from a automobile workshop via HHO Carbon cleaner: on my Audi.

Its covered 120k+ miles and as all the early engine, DPF cars did, suffers from various carbon build up problems, mainly EGR valve, Anti shudder valve, intake manifold flaps etc.

I’d seen reviews for this on the internet and decided to give it a try.

It was simple to get started as the guy just puts a pipe into the intake pipe, just after the airflow meter and starts to put the oxygen-hydrogen mixed gas through. I’m not sure how it gets rid of the carbon, whether it’s a reaction or it burns it through, but after not too long all the crap from the engine was coming out of the exhaust.

About 20 mins later it was finished. On tick over alone I could hear the difference between before and after and after a quick blast to “fully clear it out” I came back most impressed.

Immediately after I had a 170-mile journey to make and got a little time to run it through its paces.

Tick over is quieter and smoother. less blips etc.
Takeoff Is easier as is the way it revs and pulls through the gears.
There is definitely more power than it had before – not an increase like a remap, but after 120k miles I know it’d lost some
DPF is regening less often. not sure if this is down to the DPF itself being cleaner or the engine EGR etc letting less rubbish through.
Engine noise when driving seems quieter, especially the turbo whine. I know the turbo vanes on these engines can seize up so maybe it’s free’d these off too??
Mpg is better. I’ve done 500 miles so far and my average is showing 5mpg better. My daily commute is 3mpg up with a massive headwind today.

Anyway, the net result is it feels great. It reminds me why we bought it in the first place.

Well worth the money.

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