How can the car be more durable in the winter?

With the increase of rain, snow and fog in winter, not only does it bring a lot of inconvenience to our lives, but also let the car owners meet lots of trouble.

In the winter, we must pay attention to some issues in order to let the car spend the cold winter safety. Today we will talk about how to maintain the car in winter.

In winter vehicle maintenance, it is necessary to focus on the driving system, steering system, liquid piping, braking system, etc. These components are prone to problems during the winter and affect the safe driving of the vehicle.

1. Use of fuel in winter

with the low temperature in the winter, gasoline may be waxed, which may leads to fail  start. This requires the owner to replace the oil that is suitable for the local situation. This can ask the staff at the gas station.

Before the winter is coming, clean up the fuel tank and drain the storage water to avoid freezing.

In the winter, it is recommended that the owners can use high standard gasoline. Because it  has a higher ignition point, it will be easier to  ignite fire.

2. Winter maintenance of battery

The battery is a component that is not cold-resistant. When the temperature is low, the battery capacity in the battery is much lower than the normal temperature. Therefore, before the arrival of the winter, it is necessary to supplement the electrolyte and adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte.

Clean the dirt on the battery terminals and apply special grease protection to extend the battery life.

If you do not use the vehicle for a long time, it is recommended to remove the battery to prevent the battery from freezing.

3. Winter maintenance of tires

Rubber tires become harder and more brittle during winter, and friction is reduced. If the tire pressure is too low, the tire will accelerate the aging; if the tire pressure is too high, the friction coefficient will be lowered and the grip will be reduced. It is recommended to do some measurements and adjust the tire pressure.

4. Winter maintenance of the engine

In winter, it is often difficult to start a car. This is because the external temperature is too low, resulting in an increase in the viscosity of the oil, a large resistance, and difficulty in starting the engine.

In the winter, parking should pay attention to let the front of the car avoid the wind, try to block the wind against some high objects. When you are outdoors, let the front of the car head toward the sun

5. use of the heating system in winter

Since the warm air facility is only used in the winter, it is prone to some malfunctions when it is not working for a long time.

When using the heating system for the first time in winter, check it first. Try to see if there is any warm air blowing out, whether there is any abnormal noise when the fan is running, and whether the airflow is smooth or not.

Sometimes it will encounter the long-term stagnation of the antifreeze in the heater pipe, it will condense and block the pipeline. This will be handled by the repair shop.

6. Winter maintenance of the body and chassis

For the body, in order to meet the arrival of the cold, it is necessary to do a car beauty. Because the number of car washes after the winter is reduced, waxing the car is a good solution to protect the car paint. After waxing, the body is not easy to get water, and it is less likely that the condensed water will freeze into ice.

It is also possible to add a coating of Teflon-based polymer paint to protect against acid rain, acid snow and salt water. Because the northern part of the country is salted on the road after snow and splashes on the body during driving, it is very damaging to the paint.

In the winter, the car chassis is prone to rust due to frequent exposure to rain and snow. If possible, the chassis can be rust-proofed.

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