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History of HHO

Oxy-hydrogen generator was tested in Our Hunan University Lab.

In 1998

The 1st oxy-hydrogen gas generator was produced by KingKar and Hunan University.

In 2001

KingKar set up R&D department to apply oxy-hydrogen gas in engine carbon cleaning area.

In 2005

KingKar receive success tests in engine carbon cleaning.

In 2009

KingKar produced the most advanced technology -- HHO carbon cleaning machine.

In 2010

KingKar set up export department, specializing in exports of oxy-hydrogen engine carbon clean equipments. Equipments have been successfully exported to European and American, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa etc.

In 2012

KingKar R&D department start research for HHO carbon cleaner technology.

In 2013

KingKar published the first and unique system of HHO carbon cleaner 6.0

In 2015

The introduction of HHO brand

Founded in 2001, kingkar is a professional enterprise which focus on reseaching, production and sales of oxy-hydrogen generator. We developed oxy-hydrogen generators as a fuel from water which mainly used in the application of welding,heating, cutting, brazing and engine carbon cleaning. Through 17 years development, Now we specialized in vehicles engine carbon cleaning technology. The HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0 is the newest and most popular one in the market.

On the one hand, Our Brand HHO in Chemical formula means water, it is the raw material of the oxyhydrogen gas, on the other hand, it represents Kingkar uses the eco-friendly technology and takes social duty for protecting environment. Kingkar will keep inventing more green tech to protect enviroment and bring people more profits.

Our mission

For technology: Less exhaust gas, more careful for life, For company: Let the overseas trading be easier

Our value

1. Customers always rank the first. Our goal is to provide best products and service for customers.
2. Company is the second. Company is a public platform for the survival and development of all of employees. The employees should make efforts to create value for the company and protect the interests of the company.
3. Employee is the third. The company should provide continuous development platform and benefits for employees and make employees have a sense of happiness and success.
4. Shareholder is the fourth.The shareholders should formulate long-term strategy for the development of the company and the employees. The shareholder is the first service provider and the last to get the value.