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Kingkar Team

>Kingkar Team
Huang Renhua
Huang RenhuaGeneral manager
Mr. Huang is general manager in Changsha Kingkar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd.
He devotes to product research and market development. Under his leadership, Kingkar group keeps to develop new technologies to meet the market demands, which has been well received by customers. He leads Kingkar group to be the top in the energy field.
In addition to his own work, he is appointed as the president of the Changsha Cross-border Trade Association, leading hundreds of companies to enter foreign markets.
At the same time, he is served as a visiting professor at Hunan University, sharing successful entrepreneurial experiences with students.
he is also the most popular star instructor of Alibaba group. His speeches and courses have allowed more companies to redefine their direction and been succeed.
Huang Yingliang
Huang YingliangProfessor
Huang is a professor of Hunan University. In 1990, Huang came to Beijing and studied Brown Gas Theory from professor Brown. After that, he leaded his R&D team to test oxy-hydrogen generator in Hunan University Lab.
Professor Huang is the academic leader of Brown Gas generator. He has versed scientific attainments, active scientific ideas and international one-up scientific level. Professor Huang is the director of Hunan Environmental Protection Association and the honorary life member of Chinese Environmental Protection Association.
Dr. Yang Hao
Dr. Yang HaoR&D team lead
Dr. Yang studied Brown gas for 10 years. After earning his doctorate in 2006, Dr. Yang started work at KingKar. He researched into Brown gas applications of medicine, industry and environmental protection, especially has rich experience on creating Brown gas generator.
Since 2006, Dr. Yang joined KingKar and worked as Brown gas generator products researcher. During his research works, he holds the good habit on pay attention to the details of work and emphasizes the importance of process and rigorous details. He believes perfect process is the basic of good results.
Dr. Xiao Heqi
Dr. Xiao HeqiR&D team lead
Dr. Xiao, a Doctor of Chemical Engineering, researched chemical pharmacist and drug development for 8 years. After earning his doctorate in 2008, Dr. Xiao started work at KingKar. He has formulated HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent for engine carbon clean and maintenance.
With an ardor for work and an active energy, also pure-hearted walks, withal a very earnest, Dr. Xiao believes his down-to-earth attitude and hard-working spirit will lead him to success.
We firmly believe that only with professional knowledge can we provide more professional services! In order to adhere to this philosophy, we are committed to building a more professional team to serve our customers.

Our Valuable Team Members

Mary Guo
Mary GuoSales director
Ms. Mary Guo is sales director in Changsha Kingkar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd.
Mary is responsible for the operation and management of the sales of the entire company’s products, and based on the feedback from each market to make a corresponding sales policy. Under her leadership, the company’s turnover has become the industry’s NO.1.
Jenny Hu
Jenny HuSales manager
Ms. Jenny Hu is sales manager in Changsha Kingkar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd.
Jenny is mainly responsible for the sales and management of the entire project of HHO carbon cleaner. When HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 first enters the market, through the feedback of customers, she can adjust the sales plan in time. Within three years of HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 entering the market, she leads the team to make the sales become the first in the industry.
Lily Lai
Lily LaiService manager
Ms. Lily Lai is service manager in Changsha Kingkar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd.
Lily is responsible for managing the pre-sales and after-sales service departments and developing excellent services to provide customers with the best purchasing experience. The service department she led made the customer’s service satisfaction to 100%. It is also a model for many companies to compete.
Yuki Yu
Yuki YuTechnical service manager
Ms. Yuki Yu is technical service manager in Changsha Kingkar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd.
She is mainly responsible for managing the after-sales technical service department of the machine. She Leads the team to serve every customer who purchases the machine, including technical guidance, training, installation and maintenance etc. Let customers experience a truly worry-free after-sales service.
Eva Zhou
Eva ZhouMarketing manager
Ms. Eva Zhou is marketing manager in Changsha Kingkar Eco-technologies Co.,Ltd.
Eva is mainly engaged in market research and development. According to each different market, she made a corresponding promotion plan. Regularly visit various mature markets to learn about the latest developments in the industry. Leading the HHO brand to nationalization.

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