Solutions for Engine running instability or severe jitters

Solutions for Engine running instability or severe jitters

There are many factors may cause engine running instability and jitters. If you have ever gone to the car repair shop to solve engine jitters problem, the technician will tell you one or more of the following solutions:
1. Clean or replace the air filter;
2. Clean the fuel system and use higher quality fuel;
3. Replace the vacuum hose;
4. Clean the cooling system water channel or replace the ECT sensor;
5. Replace the APP sensor or repair the wiring harness;
6. Replace CKP sensor or crankshaft gear;
7. Replace the throttle body;
8. Adjust or replace the spark plug;
9. Replace the injector or seal ring;
10. Replace fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator;
11. Checking air conditioner system;
12. Replace the cleaning solenoid valve;
13. Repair EVAP solenoid valve or circuit system;
14. Replace CMP sensor or camshaft induction gear;
15. Replace EGR solenoid valve;
16. Repair or replace damaged parts;
17. Disassemble the engine and check it;

It can not be more complex.
However, there are a very simple solution you can try first, do HHO engine carbon cleaning. You only need to find a car repair shop with HHO 6.0 carbon cleaner, and experience the carbon cleaning service. After 20 minutes, your engine will stop severe jittering. Saving more money from unnecessary replace car spare parts.
If there are no HHO 6.0 carbon cleaner on you local market, congratulations, you can start a new profitable business.

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