The advantages and effects of HHO

As the car’s service life becomes longer and longer, carbon deposits will inevitably form in the engine’s fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, three-way catalytic converters, etc., and carbon deposits will make it difficult to start when the car is cold. Unstable idling, jitter, weak acceleration, high fuel consumption, loud noise, etc., so it is necessary to clean up carbon deposits regularly.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine is a fully functional and easy-to-operate decarbonization equipment for automobile engines. Adhering to the technological concept of technological innovation, the company has changed the traditional car decarbonization method, and processed the hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas produced by the equipment through special technology to achieve complete decarbonization without dismantling the engine, ensuring zero pollution in the entire decarbonization process, and improving power at the same time , The purpose of saving fuel and full combustion has greatly reduced the pollution of automobile exhaust to the atmosphere, which is a major leap in the field of automobile maintenance.

Product advantages

1. The engine removes carbon efficiently and completely removes carbon deposits

2. Evenly remove carbon without harming the engine, gaskets and oil seals, etc.

3. Combustion of hydrogen and oxygen gas to remove carbon and zero pollution to the surrounding environment

4. Intelligent control, simple operation, high efficiency

5. No need to disassemble any parts of the engine, completely avoid safety hazards

Carbon removal effect

Energy saving: completely remove the carbon in the engine combustion chamber, significantly increase engine horsepower, reduce engine vibration, and save fuel consumption. Minimize vehicle exhaust emissions so that the vehicle can pass the exhaust emission test smoothly.

No disassembly: no need to disassemble any parts of the engine (only the air intake is connected)

The operation is simple and easy, without manual disassembly, and the efficiency is high.

No damage: The hydrogen-oxygen mixture is clean and safe, and will not damage any engine parts, oil seals, gaskets and the engine.

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