The best way to clean your car engine

As the car is used for a longer period of time, carbon deposits are inevitably formed in the fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, and three-way catalytic converters of the engine, and carbon deposition may cause the car to be cold-started. Idle speed is unstable, jitter, acceleration is weak, fuel consumption is high, noise is high, etc., so it is necessary to clean carbon deposits regularly. There are 3 common ways to clean up carbon deposits on the market. Let’s take a look.

  1. Driving on expressway for certain time

As for driving expressway, this action can slow down the accumulation speed of carbon deposits, but it can hardly clean the accumulated carbon deposits. However, many car owners still regard it as a effective way to clean the car engine.

  1. Tear down the engine and clean

Carbon deposits can be cleaned more completely through this way. however, when you take this advice, your engine would no longer be a original engine. Unless the carbon deposits are very series, and you can not solve this problem through other ways, please don’t try this way.

  1. Fuel additive

Cleaning carbon deposits through this way is very easy, you only need to mix some fuel additive with the gasoline, and then add the mixed liquid into the fuel tank. We can not only clean the carbon deposits in the engine, but also improve the gasoline quality, thus prevent carbon deposits from gathering in engine.

However, the fuel additive quality can not be assured, some of them even have no effect, and contains metal components, which is harmful to the engine.

Beside the 3 cleaning ways above, there is still a better way to clean carbon deposits.

That’s HHO carbon cleaner. It’s the best way to clean car engine.

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