The importance of removing carbon deposits from engines

In recent years, environmental protection agencies around the world have promoted the implementation of automobile inspection and maintenance systems, and continuously improved the society’s ability to control automobile exhaust emissions. Therefore, it is particularly important to remove engine carbon deposits.

So how does the engine remove carbon deposits?

When the engine is working normally, under oxygen-poor conditions, that is, in congested urban road conditions, the vehicle is always in a go-and-go state, the engine cannot run at high speeds, and gasoline and engine oil that normally enters the combustion chamber cannot be fully in the cylinder. Burning, the oil fume and charred lubricating oil particles they produce will be further oxidized and become glue sticking to the intake duct, throttle body, inner surface of the intake pipe, fuel injector, valve back, spark plug, piston top, and piston The ring and the inner wall of the combustion chamber, under the repeated action of high temperature, the colloid becomes asphaltene, resinous and carbonaceous, and finally forms engine carbon deposits. Long-term short-term operation of the engine, long-term operation of the car in harsh environments, long-term low-temperature, low-speed driving, long-term high-temperature, high-speed, and overload conditions will aggravate carbon deposits.

So what is the significance of engine decarbonization?

Carbon deposits will form many hot surfaces, causing pre-ignition and deflagration of the engine, reducing the working effect of the engine and shortening the service life of the engine. Carbon deposit is equivalent to shunt resistance in parallel between spark plug electrodes, causing spark plug leakage and failure to ignite. Carbon deposits will make the side clearance and backlash of the piston ring smaller, causing the piston ring to lose elasticity due to cementation, or even break and pull the cylinder. Carbon deposits can easily block the fuel injectors, making it difficult to start the engine, causing the engine to run out of cylinders or suddenly stall. These failures caused the engine to start difficult, poor acceleration, unstable idling, knocking cylinders, increased noise, increased fuel consumption, excessive exhaust emissions, serious environmental pollution, and greatly reduced the engine’s power, economy, and emission cleanliness. Therefore, , Engine carbon deposit removal is necessary when necessary.

HHO Carbon Cleaner is the first one and the only one to use HHO gas and HHO cleaner agent, to do double cleaning for engines and protect engine parts. HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine is designed with more than 10 safety guarantee device. Its innovative design and updated spare parts can increase the machine working efficiency to reach safer operation.

This method subverts the traditional decarbonization mode, it saves the time of car maintenance, reduces the cost and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The carbon deposits on the engine are completely and thoroughly removed to restore the power of the vehicle without causing any damage to the engine, avoiding the shortcomings of traditional chemical decarbonizers, and it is a qualitative leap in the field of vehicle maintenance.

Automobile hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizers are gradually replacing traditional decarbonization methods. Hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization can also be regarded as a maintenance item. After using the car’s hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization machine, the carbon deposits are effectively cleaned up, the exhaust emissions are greatly reduced, the engine power is restored, and the car’s fuel consumption is reduced.

Energy shortage and pollution control have become the focus of world attention. Automobile pollution has become a key national control object. Emission reduction is urgent, and energy conservation and emission reduction in the automotive industry bear the brunt. The use of HHO carbon cleaning machine can effectively reduce exhaust emissions while restoring the power of vehicles, and it will inevitably become a key tool for emission reduction in the future. Let us contribute to the world’s environmental protection and enjoy a better life in a more energy-efficient way!

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