The right way to clean engine inside carbon

There are a lot of articles on the topic of “carbon removal”, too many theories and too little dry goods, let’s talk about some practical ones.

clean engine inside carbon
clean engine inside carbon

Why is there carbon ?

1. Insufficient combustion, traffic problems, gasoline problems, driving problems. The theory does not expand, too tired!

  • Air problems that you might not expect. There will always be particles in the air that slip into the intake, and pollutants will be adsorbed on the throttle. With the addition of wax and glue after gasoline burning, the carbon deposit becomes thicker and thicker. If the air filter element is not replaced in time, it will be even worse.

What are the effects of carbon deposits?

1. The acceleration is weak, the valves are not closed tightly, and the power is of course insufficient.

2. High fuel consumption. Carbon deposits are like blood-sucking bugs, which will adsorb gasoline molecules, so that less gasoline is involved in the combustion, and acceleration is weak. Fuel consumption increases with the length of your pedal stroke.

  • There are other effects, such as difficulty in ignition, jitter at idle, and the car is like a swing.

So what should we do?

There are several ways to clean up at present,

1. Pulling at high speed theoretically achieves the cleaning effect of carbon deposits on the surface through high speed and combustion, but it cannot achieve the fundamental cleaning.

2. Boom the throttle, you bounce it to see how much oil you can burn. This method is similar to this: Accelerate a 100-meter run, and you will be healthy and not sick.

3. The carbon deposit cleaning chemical can clean up the carbon deposits in the pipeline, but the throttle valve carbon deposits still need to be removed and washed to solve it. No one who sells carbon deposit cleaning chemical says not to disassemble the throttle valve, and the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber are also cannot be cleaned up at all.

4. Hit the bottle. This method has been eliminated due to slow and poor results.

5. Disassemble and wash in the repair workshop, disassemble and clean the throttle valve, disassemble the ignition coil and spark plug to wash the combustion chamber, the cleaning effect is good, but it takes time and effort.

  • The latest carbon removal method: HHO carbon cleaner machine. The use of hydrogen and oxygen plus cleaner agent to achieve a double carbon removal effect, without disassembly, you can see the removal of carbon deposits, while increasing horsepower, reducing emissions and noise, only 20 minutes.

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