These Habits Are Seriously Shortening the Life of Your Car!

With economic growth, more and more people choose to buy cars. Cars are much cheaper than houses, so it is common to buy cars. If a car travels an average of 50,000 kilometers a year, its reasonable service life is only 12 years. However, This number can be extended, the key is how to maintain and care for the car. Here are some recommended maintenance methods:

  1. Frequent drivers will know that the wear of tires will increase dramatically if the vehicle is driven too long, so that slippage may occur during the driving process and cause traffic safety accidents, so the tires should be replaced regularly.
  2. The choice of oil is also very important. To choose the right model for your car, the wrong oil will increase the fuel consumption of the car.
  3. Any car that drives too long and exceeds its maintenance period will have its spark plug oxidized after a long period of work. If the spark plug is not replaced in time, the fuel consumption of the engine will increase and the damage to the car will be greater.
  4. Some drivers do not have the habit of checking tire pressure regularly. Long driving time and insufficient tire gas will increase the resistance of the car in the course of driving, and then the engine of the car will consume more power to pay no effort. So we should form the habit of checking the tire pressure regularly.

Carbon deposits need to be cleaned regularly every 5,000 kilometers, such as hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizer, bottle cleaning, foaming, manual cleaning. Is there a way to save time, effort and money?

HHO Hydrogen and Oxygen Carbon Removal Machine: Hydrogen and Oxygen+Nanometer Two-in-One Carbon Removal Machine.

HHO hydrogen and oxygen decarbonizer is a new type of automobile decarbonizer. With water as the main raw material, the carbon deposit inside the engine is completely and thoroughly removed by using hydrogen-oxygen catalysis principle, oxygen-enriched combustion principle and water-hydrogen cycle principle.

The process of carbon removal is very simple. Using hydrogen as raw material and oxygen as combustion aid. The air inlet is fed into the interior of the automobile engine and combusts with gasoline and air. The mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is equivalent to the catalyst for gasoline combustion.

Hydrogen and oxygen pipes connected to engine intake manifold.

Core Technology:

  1. HHO decarbonizer.
  2. The unique technology of KINGKAR.
  3. Non-toxic, non-polluting, non-corrosive, airborne.
  4. Special dosage, with the use of HHO decarbonizer.
  5. Clean the special parts outside the combustion chamber, such as 3 Metacatalysis, etc.
  6. Form protective film in combustion chamber to lubricate

The function of protecting engine parts.

At the same time, we guarantee product safety, environmental protection, high efficiency and economy!

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