Why cars need regular carbon removal?

Why does a new car always feel motivated, and a car that does not have engine cleaning and maintenance on time will make people feel powerless or very fuel-intensive? Because the car engine is the core of the engine, it is the source of automobile power. Engines become dirty due to modern-day stop-and-go traffic conditions, as well as imposed speed limits, new anti-pollution requirements, and driving at low speeds to save on gas. All these lead to carbon buildup.

Therefore, after a period of use, the engine will produce carbon deposits, oil stains, and colloids.

For a long time without cleaning the engine, it is likely to cause an increase in vehicle fuel consumption,Reduced engine power,Vehicle idle speed is unstable,the body produces jitter,

exhaust emissions from automobiles exceeded,not easy to catch fire when the vehicle is started.

If the carbon deposits cause damage to the engine piston and crankshaft in severe cases, everyone should clean the dirt on the engine in time.

Next, I will give you guys some introductions:

HHO Carbon clean machine also known as the automobile hydrogen-oxygen carbon removal machine, is a machine specially designed for removing internal carbon deposits such as automobile engine blocks, spark plugs and fuel supply nozzles, improving engine power and saving fuel.

Save money: no labor costs, low material costs, no need to change oil

Time saving: only 20 minutes for carbon removal time

Car protection: can extend the life of the engine, no chemical involvement in the carbon process, no damage to engine parts.

Boost: Significantly improve engine output horsepower, increase power by 10-15%, and significantly improve acceleration.

Shock absorption: Improve engine jitter and stabilize vehicle idling

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