Why is your car fuel consumption getting higher and higher?

Fuel consumption is a topic that every car owner can’t get around. Fuel consumption is also an important consideration when buying a car, but you may also find that the fuel consumption will gradually increase after the new car is bought, and it will stabilize after the running-in period. After a while, it will increase obviously. Many people default to this as the inevitable cause of vehicle aging. However, is this really true? What is the real reason for the increase in fuel consumption?

1. Tire wear or insufficient tire pressure
In the whole vehicle, the worst working environment is the tire. This kind of tire will slip or idling at high speed, and the impact on fuel consumption is not negligible.

On the other hand, tires with too low tire pressure have a larger contact area with the ground, which produces greater friction and higher fuel consumption.

Recommendation: Daily maintenance of tires should not be less, according to the age, mileage and wear and tear in a timely manner.

2. Spark plug
The life of the spark plug is not too long. The nickel alloy spark plug need to be replaced after 20,000 kilometers. However, before the replacement, the function of the spark plug has gradually begun to decay, which will affect the combustion of the fuel mixer. That is why I often feel a lot of fuel consumption, but the power can’t keep up, and it is directly reflected by the increasing  fuel consumption.

Recommendation: Replace the spark plug in time, the cost of replacement is not worth mentioning compared with the fuel consumption accumulated over time.

3. Battery
In fact, only the minority will wait until the battery is exhausted before replacing the battery. When the battery begins to lose power and the voltage is unstable, it should be considered for replacement. The main function of the battery is not the car’s electrical appliances, but the car’s ignition, and some of the generator’s equipment, if the voltage is unstable, it will have a great impact on the work of these components, the impact on fuel consumption is the same as the principle of the spark plug.

Recommendation: Pay attention to the use of electrical appliances in the car. If there is any voltage instability or loss of electricity, replace it as soon as possible.

4. Driving habit
When we were learn to driving, the driving school coach will teach us. The car should accelerate steadily while driving, but many older drivers may be fascinated by the pleasure of fast driving, especially while waiting for the traffic lights to compete with the vehicles in the next lane. If the front car is slow, you need to brake again. Everyone knows that this will increase fuel consumption.

Recommendation: The most important thing is “safety.” The pursuit of excitement is to use your own security as a bet.

5. engine carbon deposit
The problem of carbon deposition is inevitable. Colloids formed by insufficient combustion of gasoline can cause carbon deposits. When carbon deposits increase , the space will become smaller, the pressure inside the cylinder will also change, Most of the ignition difficulties and engine knocking are caused by carbon deposits Similarly, carbon deposits will also lead to increased fuel consumption and insufficient power.

Recommendation: Develop a good habit of regular maintenance and cleaning up carbon deposits for a more comfortable and safe driving ( Learn how to remove carbon deposits )

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