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Project Description

Cleaning the manifolds

Exhaust manifolds become clogged from both gas and diesel turbos.

When the Exhaust manifold becomes dirty or clogged, the turbo is still able to execute its normal functioning, however the pressure it produces is unable to transfer to the combustion chamber. The engine therefore receives insufficient turbocharger pressure, and consequently the fuel is not completely burned due to the lack of air during combustion. This causes black smoke to expel from the exhaust.

cleaning the manifolds
When the exhaust manifold becomes dirty or clogged, the amount of exhaust gas received by the turbocharger is insufficient. Consequently, it is unable to reach the necessary speed to function correctly. The engine therefore receives an insufficient turbocharger pressure and the fuel fails to burn completely due to the lack of air during combustion. This causes black smoke to expel from the exhaust.

How to clean the manifolds ?

  • The most expensive option which requires a bit more time and some mechanical skills, is the dismantling and cleaning of the manifold.
cleaning manifold carbon deposits
hho carbon cleaner
  • The least expensive option with no need for disassembly and entailing the shortest service time, and which is an alternative to part replacement, is hydrogen treatment via the Carbon Cleaning station. This service works as a preventative treatment, recommended every 15,000 miles, but can also resolve existing problems in the engine.

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