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What is carbon buildup

> What is carbon buildup

What is carbon buildup?

Carbon buildup is mostly a problem with today’s newer “direct injection” vehicles

carbon buildup

Think of your engine like a fireplace. When the fireplace burns fuel it releases fumes, waste byproducts of smoke and carbon. In a fireplace the fumes go out the flu and deposit along the flu walls on the way out. The more fuel you burn the more caked on the deposits become, eventually blocking off the airflow of the flu and impacting the fireplace’s ability to warm the house.

It’s similar in a car. When the fuel burns, it releases the same kind of waste byproducts which deposit themselves on the intake manifold,DPF, EGR, Oxygen sensor and more.

What Causes carbon deposits?

The carbon deposits is a headache for drivers. It is also difficult to be solved. Firstly take a look at the reasons for carbon buildup.

Road condition:

Engines become dirty due to modern day stop-and-go traffic conditions, as well as imposed speed limits, new anti-pollution requirements, and driving at low speeds to save on gas. All these lead to carbon buildup.

fuel cleaning

Fuel quality is not up to standard:

Substandard fuel does not burn sufficiently in the combustion chamber, which leads to create carbon deposits on the combustion chamber, piston ring groove, spark plug and intake valve back.

Push the throttle:

Some pursuing stimuli or impetuous owners will slam on the throttle while driving. The car will overfill at the moment when the throttle is slammed. If the gasoline is not fully burned, it will produce carbon deposits.

push the throttle
hot car in place

Hot car in place:

Local hot cars are very popular in the winter. It is said that this is a way to protect the engine, so that the engine heat up and then driving can make the oil lubrication effect to achieve better results, but the local hot car will also make the engine produce carbon deposition, When the engine is running at an idling speed and the fuel burns incomplete, it will produce carbon deposits and produce carbon monoxide polluted air.

High gear speed:

Some manual transmission cars have such problems. When the driver forgets to shift while driving, there will be high-speed low-speed driving or low-speed driving at a high speed. Low-speed high-speed driving, the engine needs more fuel to supply, in order to achieve a certain speed, this time will cause increased fuel consumption; high-speed driving a lot of gasoline into the engine at low speed, but it can not fully burn, will naturally leave a lot of product carbon.

How to Prevent Carbon Buildup?

Get regular oil changes, and use the correct fuel for your vehicle. If you own a German auto, using top tier field (as recommended by your manufacturer) can help, but will not totally prevent this problem.

Put the pedal to the floor and “blow the junk out”.If you are mostly driving commuter miles, then it can’t hurt to take your car out on the freeway and let it go. But again this will not totally prevent carbon buildup.

Regular do carbon cleaning service : HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 is a carbon clean machine that innovates unique and advanced technology. It is different from the traditional cleaning way, only 20 minutes for the cleaning process to help your car increasing power, reducing emission, reducing noise and vibration. Through adding unique technology of cleaner agent, it will help to get a better cleaning effect.