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Why need carbon clean service

>Why need carbon clean service

Hazard of carbon deposit

As a stealth killer, “carbon deposit” poses a very serious hazard to the engine. In severe cases,the engine may be scrapped

Carbon deposits on the cylinder head will reduce the engine’s cooling effect. The engine’s power and economy are greatly reduced.

Carbon deposits on the top of the piston will create many hot surfaces, causing pre-ignition and deflagration, reducing engine life.

The accumulation of carbon on the working surface of the valve and its seat ring will cause the valve to close loosely and leak gas, and the engine will be difficult to start and weak working, and the valve is easy to ablate.

The carbon deposit in the piston ring groove will make the piston ring gap and backlash become smaller or even no gap; the piston ring will lose its elasticity and even break the piston ring and pull the cylinder.

The fuel injector is covered with carbon deposits, which easily traps the fuel injector, causing the engine to run out of cylinder or suddenly extinguish.

The spark plug has too much carbon, after the fuel is wet, it is equivalent to the parallel shunt resistance between the spark plug electrodes, causing the spark plug leakage to work.

Why do cars need engine carbon cleaning service?

Because of the carbon deposit, there are some problems may affect our cars

  • Engine not running smoothly

  • Engine vibration or shaking

  • Car jerking or surging at stops

  • Cold start misfires

  • Driving weakness

  • Fuel consumption increasing

  • High lubricant consumption

  • Exhaust emission exceeded

Dirty EGR valve

Clogged DPF

The power of HHO at the service of your engine

Burns off and eradicates carbon deposits

After many years of development, we have innovated the most advanced and economical technology to clean your engine from the inside out.

HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0 Give your engine the treatment it needs to perform and run like new with Carbon Cleaning !

After HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 entering the market, it has been helping humans to reduce carbon deposits for cars and return a green world.