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HHO Carbon Cleaner Manufacturer

HHO Carbon Cleaner Manufacturer

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What is HHO Carbon Cleaner?

The new revolution for your engine, Best engine carbon cleaning

HHO Carbon Cleaner is an equipment to do engine carbon cleaning for car, SUV, van, bus, truck, etc. The HHO brand engine carbon cleaning machine is developed and produced by China Hunan Kingkar Eco-Technologies Co., Ltd. It is also the first one in the world, to do double cleaning and protect engine parts, by using HHO gas and HHO carbon cleaner agent.

HHO is a powerful, economical and ecological way to remove carbon deposits safely from your engine. Generated purely from splitting water into Oxygen and Hydrogen this is a remarkable new method to clean carbon from your engine quickly and inexpensively.

How does HHO Carbon Cleaner work?

New Technologies, High Efficiency, High-level Safety, Easy Operation

HHO machine produce HHO gas, to run into engine combustion chamber. Hydrogen gas will be with carbon deposit to form hydrocarbon, then, to be burnt with oxygen and gasoline/diesel. After 20 minutes carbon cleaning service, carbon deposit inside engine will be removed.

HHO carbon cleaner agent, is liquid cleaner, to run with HHO gas together into engine combustion chamber. It will enhance cleaning effect by cleaning special parts, eg, DPF, Catalytic Converter, EGR, etc. More importantly, it will form a protective layer inside engine, to protect engine parts.

Why choose HHO Carbon Cleaner?

Professional Engine Carbon Cleaning, Double Cleaning, Double Benefits

1. Company strength

2. Benefits

3. Support

KINGKAR Company strength

KINGKAR Company strength

KingKar, founded in 2001, the existing employees are more than 100 people, is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, technical services, and technical consulting. Under the leadership of Mr.steven(General Manager), We have professional team worked at research, mechanical design, production, sales, and management. Over years of development, Kingkar owned over 19 certificate and invention patents, like CE, ISO, SGS and so on, and has been authorized as one of national High Technology Expertise in China.

Benefits of HHO carbon cleaner

Benefits of HHO carbon cleaner

Car care and maintenance service for Engine. Carbon build-up leads to potentially expensive issues such as Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF filters), Turbo issues, inlet manifold also injector problems. These may all be cured by the Engine Carbon Clean service if due to carbonization, and then prevented from recurring by having a regular clean. Engine Carbon Cleaning can benefit vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Suitable for any petrol or diesel engine, the Engine Carbon Cleaning service can benefit vehicles in a variety of ways, from increased power and engine responsiveness through to lower emissions and potential fuel savings.

cleaning engine parts

HHO Carbon Cleaner Support

HHO Carbon Cleaner Support

HHO commit to provide the most professional and personally business plan to our customers, in order to make their business easier. HHO always supply the newest technology, the best products and the best service to let these customers keep the competitive power and the leading position of car care industry in their market.

Individual service to you personally

Keep promotion of HHO brand always, improve market visibility.

According to different market and different customer group, we will provide you some individual business plan according to successful experience.

Except provide HHO machine operation training, we provide professional sales training too.

We will transfer customers to you who comes from your market.

Once become the HHO’s exclusive distributor, you’ll be the only one can sell HHO in your market.

Build website to you and use various channels for promotion, make your business easier and bigger.

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Advantages of HHO Carbon Cleaner

Double cleaning double effect in 20 mins, Prolong engine life

Power System
Power System
Electric power, standard safety power line, IGBT technology, convert AC to DC, Imported switch from Schneider.
Control System
Control System
Easy operation, Automatic process, Digital management.Electric power, standard safety power line.
Generator System
Generator System
316L stainless steel: resistance of corrosion, wear, pitting, The thickness of steel is more than 4mm, Integrative structure.
Safety Guarantee System
Safety Guarantee System
10 safety parts, Double higher priority than an index of national security, The safety guarantee system is sure to make you operate without any error.
HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent
HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent
HHO carbon cleaner agent is a non-corrosive, non-flammable, entire safe liquid. It can not only enhance the carbon clean effect in the three-way catalyst and exhaust pipe but also protect the engine parts and extend engine life.
Our commitment
Our commitment
If the quality of the machine itself is a problem, we promise 30 days is on approval and 365 days is replaceable.
HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine can remove carbon from car engine with its catalysis principles. HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine has higher safety precaution standards and innovates to use HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent. The newest technology makes the effect more obvious.

HHO 6.0 design by integrator cylinder generator, it's a patent of kingkar. It can work for a long time, and easy for cooling the temperature of genarator. At same time, it saves the space and material, so as saving your cost.

Others use cube structure generator. It's very common, Also generator lifetime is short; and effect for cooling is just so so. Cannot saving your cost.

Our machine uses newest IGBT power supply system, High working efficiency, stable electrolysis current, keeping a stable oxy-hydrogen gas flow, consumes less eletricity, also fast heat dispation. Maximized power capaciry which guarantee 24hrs non-step working.

Others use common power system, cannot work for long time, slow heat dispation, Fan cover is easy to open, more dangerous.

HHO 6.0 adopts wet anti-fire back system, which has water n it to stop the fire back, this is the patent of kingkar company which is made of 316L stainless steel. It guarantees the safety of the machine.

Other machines uses common anti-fire back system device,has noe water in it,whiche makes it can not guarantee the safety.

HHO 6.0 is special to use HHO gas mix with HHO clean agent, it can clean engine parts like EGR, DPF, Catalytic converter by regular cleaning.

Other machine with only HHO gas can not clean EGR, DPF, Catalytic converter or with not obvious effect.

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