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Distributor support

>Distributor support

HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0

Recruit exclusive distributor over the world

Zero risk investment
High return

HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 – 4 unique advantages support you a competitive market

Market expectation

(1) Over 1.3 billion cars in the world, increasing by 20%.

Worldwide automobile production (2000-2017)

Number of passenger cars per 1000 inhabitants, 2016

100,000,000 cars are waiting for carbon cleaning

(2) More than 10,000 Engine carbon cleaning machines run into the market. If one machine services for 10,000 cars, there still need more than 100,000 carbon clean machine.

Big market is waiting for you.

Business models

Various business models support you to occupy the market

Selling machines and cleaner agent

Leasing machines to workshops

Sharing service charges with workshops

HHO support

  1. Professional website building;
  2. Do advertisement through: Exhibition, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Made in China, Alibaba, etc. Especially advertisement focus on your local city or country
  3. Forward all the new inquiries and sell only through Distributor.
  4. Successful case: offer the successful business model, which is including the business way, business success video and etc;
  5. Free advertising material, including catalogues, posters, poster display, even video design;
  6. Technical training or supports for maintenance;
  7. Maintenance machine offered freely.

We guarantee