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HHO Carbon Cleaner

Double Cleaning, Double Benefits

Easy Operation

No Need Disassembly

Chemical Free

Excellent Cleaning Effect

Without Opening Engine

How HHO6.0 carbon cleaner machine works and its benefits

HHO gas + HHO cleaning agent
double clean car engines in 20 mins
Cost: 2KW electricity + 0.27L water
Profits: USD60 – 120 Per time per car
Applied for all vehicles from 1000cc to 5000cc

hho cleaner agent


double cleans car engines in 20 mins

Did your car suffer from the following?

Fuel high!


Excessive emissions!

Idle instability!

Speed up Slowly!

Expensive maintenance costs!

Reason heavy carbon deposit in car engine

New solution HHO6.0 carbon cleaner —— Every 10000KM to have a carbon cleaning service!

HHO6.0 carbon cleaner machine working principle video!

HHO carbon cleaner machine


Uses the HHO gas electrolyzed from water
Carbon deposit is burnt together with HHO gas

Capacity: 6KW; water consumption: 0.8L/H;

Voltage: 110V/220V/380V, single/three phase

HHO cleaning agent ( unique technology )

Enhance the cleaning effect
Protect engine parts, extend its lifespan

None flammable, none corrosive

a totally safe liquid

One bottle for one vehicle carbon cleaning service

Four remarkable cleaning effects

Increase pick up by 20%

Reduce engine noise and vibration

Lower emissions by 72%

Save your maintenance cost for engine parts

Carbon Deposit Cleaning

New technology, new business

Gasoline cars — connect with engine vacuum pipe

Diesel cars — connect with engine air filter

Start and expand your business from HHO Carbon Cleaner

The sole manufacturer of HHO carbon cleaner, which adopts unique technology for double cleaning

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Hi return with low cost, get investment back within one month!

Cleaning one car in 20 mins, 2KW electricity, 0.27L water, The cost per time per car: one bottle HHO cleaning agent, You can charge from your clients: AUD 165 – 225

Engine cleaning and maintenance

HHO6.0 carbon cleaner can be applied almost for all vehicles with perfect cleaning effect

Applied for all vehicles from 1000cc to 5000cc

Popular in car care center, workshop, garage

Popular with mobile carbon cleaning service

Looking for distributor now

17-year experience of manufacture

25 Patents of invention and utility

Lifetime free maintenance

Cooperate with over 50 brands

Export to over 80 countries

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