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Diesel carbon cleaning machine

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Diesel carbon cleaning machine

Professional Engine Carbon Cleaner, Double cleaning, double benefit

  • Brand Name: HHO
  • Model Number: HHO 6.0
  • Usage: Engine Carbon Cleaning
  • Working: 24 hours Continuous
  • Maximum gas output (L/H): 2000
  • Voltage: 110V, 220V, 380V, etc.


Professional Engine Carbon Cleaner, Double cleaning

Kingkar Diesel Carbon Cleaning Machine

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30000000 cars to maintain and decarbonize

HHO diesel engine carbon cleaning machine is the first choise

Why should do carbon cleaning for car?

There are many reasons for increased carbon deposition: incomplete combustion, poor oil quality, bad driving habit, long time low-speed driving, poor air quality etc. The increased carbon deposit will heavily affect the vehicle performance, resulting in 90% of engine component failures, fuel consumption increased, excessive exhaust emission.

spark plug carbon deposit

Spark plug carbon deposit

throttle carbon deposit

Throttle carbon deposit

oxygen sensor carbon deposit

Oxygen sensor carbon deposit

engine carbon deposit

Engine carbon deposit

HHO carbon cleaning principle

HHO carbon cleaning principle

HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0 produce HHO gas from water, the gas enter into the car engine, after turning it into high-temperature water vapor to soften and clean the carbon deposit

Carbon Cleaning Effect

Comparison HHO diesel carbon cleaning machine with tranditional mothods

Items HHO System Chemical drip method Chemical foam method
Medium HHO gas Chemical additive Chemical additive
Procedure time 20mins 30 – 40min 30 – 40min
Environment Issues None Air pollution + waste water Waste water
Advantages / Disadvantages Simple to connet the engine runs at idle The engine runs at idle while chemical additive drips into the engine Complicated and repetitive; carbon removal incomplete
Cost( Retail ) Carbon cleaning process Chemical drip, engine oil, engine oil filter Chemical foam, engine oil, engine oil filter

Feature of HHO diesel engine carbon cleaning machine

Machine Function

Cleaning Engine Parts

cleaning engine parts

Working Principle

  1. HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine electrolyze water into HHO gas.
  2. HHO gas run into engine combustion chamber, and HHO gas will burn with oil & carbon together.
  3. 20 minutes burning reaction, the carbon deposit will be burnt and can be exhausted from exhaust pipe.


  1. 20 minutes only needed, simple operation.
  2. Guarantee cleaning effect and customer satisfaction.
  3. 1 unit of HHO, can do carbon cleaning for petrol and diesel engines.
  4. 1 unit of HHO, can work on car, suv, van, bus, truck, etc.
  5. HHO can clean all the engine parts, including DPF, catalytic converter, EGR, etc.
  6. Can be put in a mobile van or truck, to offer mobile cleaning service.
  7. Improve car performance, e.g. horsepower increase by 20%, emission reduction by 72%.
  8. Designed with 12 safety guarantee device, 100% guarantee no operation accident.
  9. Received 23 Patents, and passed National High-Tech Enterprise certification, etc.
  10. Registered HHO brands in more than 40 countries in the world.

Machine Technical Parameters

  • Water Consumption:0.8L/H
  • Rated Power:7.5KVA
  • Carbon Cleaning Time:20minutes
  • Machine Working Temperature:40℃
  • Power:single or three phase
  • 110V/220V/380V, ( 50-60) HZ ± 10%
  • Suitable for engines: Petrol, Gasoline
  • Net Weight: 140kgs
  • Size: 63cm x 76cm x 90cm ( L x W x H )
  • Application: engine carbon cleaning


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car service station
car service center
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Successful cases

HHO diesel engine carbon cleaning machine cooperated with car workshop, car chain store and car service equipment distributor srom UK, Korea, Bulgarian, Pakistan, lraq etc.

Packing & Shipment & Payment

  • Packing: Standard export carton, 1set/carton
  • Shipment: By sea, by air, by express
  • Payment: T/T, L/C, Western Union, Moneygram, Credit Card