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Nano Engine Oil Anti-wear Additive

KingKar Nano Engine Oil Anti-wear Additive is a liquid organic tungsten additive, which can greatly improve its tribological properties of lubricating oil.

  • Brand Name: KingKar
  • Product Name: Engine oil Additive
  • Afterservice: 24 hours Continuous
  • Application: all Car Care Beauty Automotive Lubricant
  • Performance: Detergent, dispersant, antioxidant
  • Weight: 80 ml


KingKar Nano Engine Oil Anti-wear Additive

Main Advantage: Reduce friction, Anti-wear, Anti-oxidation, Super lubricating ability
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  1. To be added in engine oil of vehicles, Such as cars, trucks, ships, railways, aviation, excavators, submarines etc.
  2. To be used in industrial oil, gear oil, grease, etc.


After adding Nano Anti-Wear Additive, the lubricating oil would be with following effect.

  1. The friction coefficient can be reduced to 50-80%.
  2. Repair the original wear and tear in the engine, and prolong the service life of the engine by 3-5 times, The degree of wear can be reduced by more than 3 times.
  3. Save fuel by 10%-35%.
  4. The service life of lubricating oil can be extended by more than 70%.
  5. Reduce noise by 1-3 decibels.
  6. Reduce exhaust emission by 20 to 70%.
  7. The sliding friction in the engine becomes the rolling friction, reducing the friction coefficient by more than 80%, and reducing the engine noise by 2-5 decibels.
  8. Strong sealing of the combustion chamber of the engine, increases the cylinder pressure, enhances the power, and makes the fuel burn more fully.

Technical Specifications

No. Item N Data Testing standard
1 Appearance Oil  
2 Color Borwn  
3 Specific density, g/cm3 0.98-1.05 GB/T2540
4 Flash point, min >130℃ GB/T3536
5 Water content, max. 0.03 GB/T0749
6 Sulfur content, max. 10.0-12.0 SH/T0749
7 Tungsten content, max. 11.5-12.5 SH/T0749
8 Oil solubility Not in water, ok in synthetic oil  

Working Principle

Kingkar® Nano Antiwear Additive will have a high-temperature thermoelectric reaction when running-in of the friction pair.
It will undergo an autocatalytic reaction, to form a sulfur-containing extreme pressure film and another film named WO3 which are difficult to peel off.
And also, alkyl sulfide would be formed, which reacts with the metal surface to play an anti-wear effect. At the same time, nano-scale WS2 is generated to fill the concave part, reduce friction and increase lubrication.


  1. Add it from the engine lubricating oil filling port.
  2. Suggested one bottle for vehicles with displacement below 2.0L. If displacement above 2.0L, two to four bottles suggested. ( 2% of engine oil volume )
  3. It is recommended to add it at the same time when replacing the lubricating oil, the effect is better.

Main Ingredients

Tungsten dialykldithiocarbamates, Oil


Do not drink it, once drinking, please go for medical treatment immediately. Keep out of reach of children.


80ml per bottle, 1 bottle in a single inner box. 24 boxes in a carton.