Why engine need maintenance

>>Why engine need maintenance

Why engine need maintenance

Why do we need to clean the carbon?

To achieve maximum engine power requires unobstructed air and fuel delivery. However, this will be affected when deposits, such as carbon deposits, clog valves and injectors. Sediment will cause insufficient combustion, intake valve fuel adsorption, and nozzle atomization is not complete, resulting in loss of power of your engine.

I just bought a new car, it is necessary to do carbon clean?

As long as the vehicle driving, carbon accumulation will continue to accumulate. This means that carbon removal can help optimize your car’s performance, even when driving a new car.

In addition, no matter how the condition of the car, the use of inferior gasoline will lead to carbon deposition. Therefore, every 5,000 km carbon removal, can effectively keep your car’s engine clean.

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