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Benefits of HHO carbon cleaner 6.0

Car care and maintenance service for Engine

cleaning engine parts

Carbon build-up leads to potentially expensive issues such as Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Valves, Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF filters), Turbo issues, inlet manifold also injector problems. These may all be cured by the Engine Carbon Clean service if due to carbonization, and then prevented from recurring by having a regular clean. Engine Carbon Cleaning can benefit vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Suitable for any petrol or diesel engine, the Engine Carbon Cleaning service can benefit vehicles in a variety of ways, from increased power and engine responsiveness through to lower emissions and potential fuel savings.

Advantages of HHO Carbon Clean Machine

Professional Engine Carbon Cleaner, Double cleaning, double benefit

Power System
Power System
Electric power, standard safety power line, IGBT technology, convert AC to DC, Imported switch from Schneider.
Control System
Control System
Easy operation, Automatic process, Digital management.Electric power, standard safety power line.
Generator System
Generator System
316L stainless steel: resistance of corrosion, wear, pitting, The thickness of steel is more than 4mm, Integrative structure.
Safety Guarantee System
Safety Guarantee System
10 safety parts, Double higher priority than an index of national security, The safety guarantee system is sure to make you operate without any error.
HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent
HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent
HHO carbon cleaner agent is a non-corrosive, non-flammable, entire safe liquid. It can not only enhance the carbon clean effect in the three-way catalyst and exhaust pipe but also protect the engine parts and extend engine life.
Our commitment
Our commitment
If the quality of the machine itself is a problem, we promise 30 days is on approval and 365 days is replaceable.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine can remove carbon from car engine with its catalysis principles. HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine has higher safety precaution standards and innovates to use HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent. The newest technology makes the effect more obvious.

hho carbon cleaner

The advantages of Carbon Cleaning

Keep your engines clean!

  • No Chemicals or additives used

  • Environmentally Safe

  • Total Green Technology

  • No Dismantling of Engine parts

  • Immediate results

  • Revitalises entire inlet system

  • Smoother, powerful performance delivery

  • Reduced fuel costs

  • Restored horse power

  • Enhanced Driving Experience

  • Smoother Engine

  • Restored Torque

  • Less maintenance required

  • Immediate results

  • Lower emissions

  • Less vibrations

  • Quieter Engine

The smog test with Carbon Cleaning

Outstanding advantages compared with other carbon cleaning method

Difference HHO 6.0 Chemical
Raw material water+electricity+cleaner agent water+chemical
Time 20 mins per car /40mins per truck Over 3 hours
Suits for All kinds of vehicles cars(heavy truck engine is too big to clean)
Environment issue NONE waste water
Advantages/ Disadvantages Simple to connect;both gas and cleaner agent not chemical, not damage engine Complicated and repetitive; damage engine life
Human’s benefit Everyone can try, easy operation; cleaner agent and gas is not damage human’s life chemical need professional person to do service, need long time traning, and not benefit for human’s health
Function double cleaning (protect+ clean engine) only chemical, increase power
Market new and only one common and many competitor

Compare with others

Item HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0 Carbon Cleaning(oxydrogen gas/hydrogen gas)
Cleaning Time 20 mins 40-60mins
Suits for engine One model for all kinds of vehicles Car and truck use different machine
Technology Unique: HHO cleaner agent+ HHO gas Pure hydrogen gas
Connection place Safe connection device for anti gas leak No safty device to protect gas, easy to let gas leak
Gas output 2000L/H 100-800L/H or less.
Safty More than 10 safty devices 4-6 safty devices
Clean effect Clean&protect engine + Obvious effect Only clean engine + Less effect
Profit For End user: can see the cleaning result black smoke and carbon deposit remove from tube by eyes. No any feeling after cleaning
For car shop owner:Higher service charge Normal service charge
Distributor: Double benefits by machine and cleaner agent one time business.
Market Unique technology, unique business competitors Many competitors,Many similar products in the market
Supporting on marketing all sets of marketing solution to distributor(global promotion for distributor. No supporting
Supporting on after selling service One professional after selling servicer team for you. usually no any answer on Prosecute.(our customer told us)
Supporting on maintainance Provide the spare parts free whole life for container sending one free machine for maintainance. No free machine and free spare part any more.
Supporting on training our engineer and manager will fly to you when there are 5 machines need to repair No Such supporting