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HHO 6.0 technology

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Kingkar Core HHO Technology

HHO Carbon Cleaner is the first one and the only one to use HHO gas and HHO cleaner agent, to do double cleaning for engines and protect engine parts. HHO Carbon Cleaner Machine is designed with more than 10 safety guarantee device. Its innovative design and updated spare parts can increase the machine working efficiency to reach safer operation. HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent was invented by KINGKAR, and it was taken 3 years on R&D. It’s non-flammable and non-corrosive, to enhance cleaning effect and protect engine parts. Kingkar, is dedicated to the field of new energy and new energy equipment. Our R&D technical team are specialized in the mechanical design, new material development, the circuit design, computer internet communication and programming, oxy-hydrogen gas production technology etc.

High frequency resonant power supply technology for water electrolysis

The oxy-hydrogen production by water electrolysis is one of the most simple, most mature industrial methods to obtain oxy-hydrogen gas.

The kingkar pulse resonance water electrolysis technology of oxy-hydrogen gas production reduces the energy consumption of the traditional DC constant current from 5.8KWH/CBM to 3KWH/CBM. The new technology starts a new beginning of high efficiency oxy-hydrogen production by water electrolysis.

Anti-explosion and anti-leakage integrated electrolytic tank technology

  • The shell of electrolytic cell with large surface area, therefore, it has large radiating area and can basically realize the automatic cooling.
  • The automatic assembling of core components to avoid error.
  • The corrugated pipe structure with the performance of explosion proof.
  • No leakage as the electrolytic cell done by high frequency automatic welding.

Multi-layer wet anti-backfire system

Kingkar obtains the invention patents for the special device of Multi-layer wet tempering anti-backfire system, which has three functions.

The first one is that it works in case of accidentally backfire during operation process. The second one is when the oxyhydrogen gas enter into engine. It can reduce the temperature of oxyhydrogen gas. Third one is cleaning the oxyhydrogen gas from generator.

Double Assurance for pressure safety technology

The double pressure protection is done by Kingkar pressure sensor and Kingkar pressure relief valve. If there is a case that the pressure inside generator is over 0.2Mpa, the pressure sensor will open automatically to release the pressure. In the meantime, machine will stop automatically. If the pressure sensor is not working by accident, the pressure relief valve will self-opening when pressure is over 0.5Mpa. It can protect the use of the machine effectively.

Kingkar negative pressure sensor technology

The negative pressure sensor, is to detect the suction from the engine, to make sure the machine connect the right place of engine. If it’s detected with suction, HHO machine can work normal and produce oxyhydrogen gas.

If it’s not detected any suction from the engine, that means the machine is not connected with right place of engine. So the machine will not produce oxyhydrogen gas, all of this function are for safety in operation.

Kingkar newest IGBT power supply technology

When people do carbon cleaning service, normally they are more concerned about how long machine can be used for one day.

To provide much better service experience, Kingkar used the special IGBT power supply system. It was used for the heavy equipment in industry before, now it used in Carbon Cleaner machine, can provide the stable electricity, then the machine gas flow is also stable. Newest IGBT power supply system is high efficiency and low electricity, people can use HHO carbon cleaner 6.0 for 24 hours non-stop working.

Kingkar water and gas separator technology

In the past time, the old machine used the asbestos to separate water and gas to make the oxyhydrogen gas clean, but it is easy broken and need changed frequently, so we update the technology with newest molecular sieve, it can only let the gas out, and leave the water in generator, so the carbon cleaning process can be more efficient.

And the Molecular sieve life span is far over than the asbestos, so it can help to save the people maintenance cost a lot.