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What Our Customers Say?

I am so happy with carbon cleaning effect. Before cleaning, I disassemble spark plug to check, and after cleaning, I also check the spark plug, HHO6.0 cleaned the spark plug. I am very satisfied. Also emission test removed some carbons. Wonderful. I will show it to my clients.

Jomar , Car service center owner

I did one more test on year 2002 model petrol car, I’ll send one video. You watch it. Can you see the dirty come out from exhaust pipe, wow, amazing. I felt smooth drive after the cleaning.

Sriraj Jayaprakash, Car care owner

Hi, sorry for late respond. Your machine working perfect, it is top top top. Now I am preparing one short video for showing to the clients. I am not sure which mechanics shops are better, bigger or smaller? Something I know, that I will buy that machines and rent it to the services.

Marjan Orucoski, Technical manager from auto parts company

Had my golf done yesterday by HHO6.0, and its like driving new car. so much smoother not sluggish no more pick up is so much better. 100% would recommend this to anyone.

Ian Morton, Self - employed

I would highly recommend HHO6.0 Turned up well before expected, it takes 20 minutes to do and it’s well worth the time it takes. I was very impressed with the results the car is more responsive and the turbo spools up a lot quicker the engine runs like new! Well worth the money. Thank you.

Danny Black, Technician