HHO Carbon Cleaner 6.0

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Brand HHO
Model HHO6.0
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Update Time 2017-05-26
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Professional engine carbon cleaner double cleaning double effect !!

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What is superiority of HHO?

Four major components and an exclusive innavation escort for you

Power System

Using IGBT technology and imported switch form Schneider

Control System

Easy operation with simple screen button and the digital circuit line

Generator System

Using 316L stainless steel and grid structure of electrolyte cell, the thickness of steel is more than 4mm.

Safety Guarantee System

It has 10 safety parts to double the safety index than national standard. The safety guarantee system is sure to mak you operate without any error.

HHO Carbon Cleaner Agent comprehensively improve the effect of cleaning

Our HHO carbon machine combines the dual advantages of oxyhydrogen gas hho carbon cleaner, also avoid the disavantages of both.

  • Thus achieving:
  • 1.Reduce clean time, only 20 minutes.
  • 2.Cleaning thoroughly and clean the parts whereonly oxyhydrogen gas can not clean.
  • 3.Cleaning effect increased by more than 30%.
  • 4.Achieve the dual purpose of cleaning and maintenance.




More than 2000 litres per hour


Required power ≤ 7.5 kilowatts

Powered by network

Voltage: 220V/380V (50-60) 10 Hz ±%

Consumption of

HHO Agent consumption: 0.8 litres per hour

Dimensions and weight

63 x 76 x 90 cm-180 kg


Maximum operating temperature: 40 degrees

hho carbon cleaning
Truck in addition to carbon
Bus in addition to carbon
Suv in addition to carbon
Excavator in addition to carbon
Car in addition to carbon

Car carbon impact on vehicle control

  • 1. When the engine idle speed instable, idle dithering;
  • 2. It is hard to start cold car, hot car is normal;
  • 3. Less engine power, speed up slow, cannot reach the original car power;
  • 4. Tail gas is over standard requirments, more fuel consumption;
  • 5. Seriously affect the work-life of engine.

Car carbon deposition is inevitable

Decided by EFI engine control features, every time the cylinder's work is first fuel injection and then ignition, when we put out the engine moment the ignition is shut off immediately, but the work cycle emits gas can't be recycled, can only be attached with the inlet valve and combustion chamber walls, petrol is easy volatile, but gasoline of wax and colloids are left behind, in the long term in gasoline wax and gel more product more thick, after repeatedly heated harden carbon deposition was created.

engine spark plug engine values EGR valve exhaust pipe

Oxy-hydrogen cleaning principle

Kingkar oxy-hydrogen car carbon cleaning machine is the newest high-tech machine.
Oxy-hydrogen carbon clean machine consumes water and electricity to create oxy-hydrogen gas which feeds into the engine for cleaning the accumulated carbon and increasing the combustion efficiency of the existing fuel.

Main effect

  • Energy efficient: Remove engine combustion chamber carbon completely, improve engine horsepower significantly, reduce engine vibration and save fuel consumption. To maximize the reduction of vehicle exhaust emissions, so that vehicles can be passed exhaust emission test successfully.
  • No disassembly: No need to disassembly any parts of engine (only connect to air intake)
  • Easy operation: the operation is very easy and clear, no need labor to disassembly, only 15 minutes in the whole process with high efficiency.
  • Without damage: HHO gas is clean and safe, will not damage any engine parts. HHO carbon cleaner is a kinds of Nano molecule material, will not damage oil seal, gasket and engine.
  • Environment friendly: new energy, no pollution, is representative of national energy-saving and emission-reduction.
  • Authoritative certification: Four authority certification: ISO, CE, FCC, TUV , a dozen of national patents and national quality system certification.

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