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In 1922, the International Cooperative Union decided to designate the first Saturday in July each year as the “International Day of Cooperatives” . You may be unfamiliar with the Cooperation Festival, but cooperation in life and work is everywhere, and human beings cannot do without mutual cooperation.

Only cooperation can develop, cooperation can achieve win-win results, and cooperation can improve.

The All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives officially joined the International Cooperative Federation on behalf of Chinese cooperatives in 1985, and has been the vice-chairman of the Alliance since 1997 on behalf of the Asia-Pacific region. Over the years, the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives has devoted itself to the cause of international cooperatives, made significant contributions to the development of the international cooperative movement, and played an increasingly important role in the international cooperative family.

Only with cooperation can we embrace success.

A person’s strength is too small, only with cooperation can we embrace success.

On the occasion of this festival, HHO Bring you brand agency benefits, And the following are supports you could get from us :

1:Regional protection:

You will be only one that can re-sell our HHO in your city . We insist one distributor in one area. From this, we will use all our resource to help our distributor start new business.

2. Multi-channel promotion:

Every month, We will do promotion by Google paid advertisement,linked in, facebook,youtube and etc for free. It is also a big cost but we provide for our distributor for free to support distributor.

3. Customer support:

All inquiries, from your city  we will deliver to you. We have many platform like Google,Alibaba,MIC,etc. From these platforms, we receive many inquiries all over the world every day.

4. Profit protection:

The selling price will be made by you in your area. All sales in Kingkar Group, can not send quotation to customer from your city or country.

5. Professional training:

We will provide professional training for you by documentary,video,video phone call and etc. Include operation traing and sales training. And our machine is easy enough for operation,so it is benefit for your to start business as soon as possible.

6. 24 hours online support.

Whenever you meet problems with HHO, once you contact us, we will help you to deal with these problems as soon as possible.

There are more surprises and benefits waiting for the agents in HHO, welcome to join us!

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