Why HHO carbon cleaner get such a big market in the world

The Spring Festival has quietly passed, Firstly, We appreciate that many of our clients sending us their best wishes for the New Year, Today we would like to review “why HHO carbon cleaner get such a big market in the world” in every aspect.

When clients become our distributors, they cared the cleaning effect and the profits. Quality and profit margins are of course the most important things for businessmen. So, from the quality, we have 12 safety devices, so that can keep the machine working without any issue. From cleaning effect, except for increasing power, reducing noise and vibration, saving oil, reducing emission, because of cleaner agent, also can protect engine parts and prolong engine life. and there are double cleaning, double benefit.

Kingkar HHO carbon cleaner machine is a revolution in cleaning car engine carbon.

It is the first one to use HHO gas and HHO cleaner agent to double clean, so that can achieve great cleaning results for engine, also it can clean all kinds of vehicles, such as cars, minivan, heavy trucks, buses and so on.

HHO carbon can clean all kinds of vehicles, cars, minivans,heavy trucks

For cars only need 20 minutes, for bus and heavy trucks need 40 minutes. The cleaning effects here you could see some data, it can reduce noise, increase power 20%, reduce emission 70%, decrease emission exhaust.

HHO carbon cleaner machine has obtained 17 research and development patents. Especially for the anti-back fire system. It is a wet anti-back fire device, which can clean the gas, decrease temperature and 100% keep machine working safely.

HHO carbon cleaner machine uses water as raw material, through electrolysis to produce oxygen and hydrogen gas. Then the mixed oxy-hydrogen gas will go into the engine together with HHO cleaner agent. When it enters into the combustion chamber, the oxy-hydrogen gas will burn with gasoline or diesel in the engine, through high temperature to melt the carbon deposit.

When HHO has so many advantages, it is not difficult to understand why it can sell well in the world, the new year has begun, welcome to become our distributor!

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