Caution! It’s too late to decarbonize the car !

Since people are used to the fast pace of life, owning a car brings great convenience to people’s travel and satisfies their needs. But it is the car’s maintenance that is causing them to rack their brains, especially on the carbon buildup in the engine.

In the process of gasoline combustion, gasoline is volatile, and a lot of wax and gum remain in gasoline. In the long run, these substances in gasoline accumulate thicker and thicker, harden into carbon after repeated heating. A large amount of carbon will make you feel the engine running instability and engine power is insufficient, and even seriously affect the service life of the engine. At the same time, excessive exhaust gas, fuel consumption is too high, not only no good to the atmosphere, the environment has a great impact, but also let you pay a lot of costs. In order to solve this problem, KINGKAR ECO-technologies co., ltd in Changsha, Hunan province, has made innovations in this field, and is even the world’s only latest technology. Carbon deposition inside the engine was completely removed by using hydrogen and oxygen decarbonization technology and nanometer decarburizer agent.

Decarbonization is simple. Hydrogen and oxygen are used in combination with nanometer decarbonizers. A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen enters the engine as a catalyst for gasoline combustion. It can make the gasoline in the engine full combustion, thus achieves the very remarkable carbon removal effect. Other carbon deposits will be removed during initial exploration. This would save 5 percent on fuel and more than 70 percent on carbon emissions. It will contribute to global environmental protection. Compared with traditional carbon removal methods, HHO carbon cleaner not only has higher safety, but also has significant effect in cleaning, environmental protection and energy saving. It may come as a surprise to car enthusiasts to find something to protect the engine and its accessories. Oxygen and hydrogen decarbonization device HHO 6.0, as a unique technology of KINGKAR company, has been widely used and affirmed in the global automobile decarbonization field.

A car without carbon deposit will make you happy physically and mentally and have no worries about traveling.

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