The heart of engine – spark plugs

Changing the spark plug is one of the car maintenance. Some friends don’t want to go to the 4S shop. Is there any way to maintain it by yourself?

Everyone knows that whether a car’s engine can move depends on oil, gas, and fire. Oil is gasoline and gas is air. When petrol and air are put together, they can be ignited by just setting a fire, generating power to turn the engine. And the great task of ignition is the spark plug. It can be said that there are no spark plugs, no matter how many cylinders the engine has, how many black technologies are in vain, and the engine cannot be turned on immediately if it cannot be ignited. So we need to understand spark plugs. The spark plug relies on two electrodes, and by sparking between the two electrodes, the gasoline and air can be ignited together. Just like when we light a match, less and less material will be on the matchbox. The same is true for the spark plug. The electrode will be worn out after a long time of use. The spacing before the electrode becomes larger, and the spark will become more strenuous. If the electrode is worn out, the entire engine will not turn on, so we need to perform regular maintenance on the spark plugs. However, if you do n’t know much about cars and spark plugs, if you rush to the 4S shop, you may be deceived by the shopping guide.

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