These things in your car may be fake

There are many fake phenomena in the Car circle. Some of the “false” completely harm the owner, like the previous steel door and false standard battery life…

A car released a small facelift crown road, the overall change is not big, just moved a knife to fine-tune the front face, and then added some configuration. Guandao changed the original double-exhaust exhaust to four-exit, is it possible that the power has also been upgraded? After seeing the reference data, I found that the power of the crown road has not changed, that is to say, this four-exhaust exhaust is actually the same as the previous dual-exhaust exhaust. In the past, the only function of the exhaust pipe was to emit exhaust gas, and now the exhaust pipe must also be aesthetically pleasing in addition to exhaust, and some redundant exhaust pipes are purely for decoration.

The fake exhaust is in place, and many cars are again staring at the aerodynamic kit. In order to reduce the wind resistance, many sports cars will use a combined aerodynamic design to reduce the resistance and increase the pressure, but also help to dissipate heat. The most common ones are the Automobile tail and shark gills.

We have seen the tail wing a lot, but the tail wing of the family car is mostly fake, and it does not have much effect. As for the aerodynamic design? Those are false. Some cars copied the shark gills to make them look more dynamic, but the main heat dissipation function of the shark gills was removed. In order to look like that, the closed shark gills appeared.

There are not a few cars with “counterfeiting” problems, just grab a lot of them, and the content of counterfeiting is also varied. Some even have fog lights, reversing lights, shift paddles… all can give you fake ones.

Different people have different views on “fake configuration”. Some small partners feel that having these configurations is a lower level; some riders feel harmless and even some buyers just go for the “fake configuration”. For these only, It can be said that benevolence sees benevolence, while wise sees wisdom.

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