New Car caring revolution – saving 90% car caring fee for you!

You drive your car, and carbon deposits accumulate, that’s inevitable. Over time carbon deposits accumulate in engines, leading to a wide range of problems including loss of power, higher fuel consumption and increased damage to engine parts. So you go to the garage to ask for help. Then the technicians would suggest you replace the engine parts like piston, injector, engine valves. Every spare part will cost you a lot!

Now there is a new revolution, HHO engine carbon cleaner.

HHO 6.0 machine runs on just tap water, meaning there are no harsh chemicals or expensive additives. Instead, electrolysis produces highly charged oxygen and hydrogen molecules; the oxy-hydrogen (HHO) gas mixture is then cooled and filtered before it’s fed into the engine through the air filter.

Once inside the engine, increased oxygen improves combustion whilst the catalytic properties of hydrogen get to work so that carbon deposits are broken down and burnt away. The treatment takes just 20mins, and the machine is fully automated so technicians can work on the vehicle whilst the process is running.

Carbon Clean is perfect for garages wanting to offer a top quality engine clean treatment as a preventative maintenance solution, ideally when cars are in for service or repair work.

Carbon Clean Centers gain access to a comprehensive business package that includes equipment, training and technical support. There’s marketing help as well as support for users carrying out carbon clean services.

Carbon Clean service is something garages can offer customers knowing they’ll drive away and notice improvements. Initially it might be reduced engine noise and improved throttle response – later they’ll certainly appreciate the improvements in fuel economy that repay the cost of the treatment as they drive!

The HHO 6.0 machine works on any petrol or diesel engines. Garages have the peace of mind of offering a true ‘green’ solution that uses only water and electricity in cutting emissions and fuel consumption.

HHO 6.0 is a new technology in the world. It is a new chance for new business, new profit. Double cleaning car engine, and returns double profit.

HHO carbon cleaner is money printer, if you clean 6 cars per day, USD80 per car, you can get USD480 per day, USD10560 per month at least. The cost is only electricity and water.

This machine can save 90% percent of the car caring fees for car owners and also brings high profit for garages.

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